Phil Mummah

“For years, my only realtor was my best friend’s wife, who always looked out for my interests because we were good friends. Unfortunately, she passed away, and every agent I met since then seemed to be more concerned with their own agenda than my interests. Often times, other agents would recommend that I buy a property when I knew it didn’t make sound financial sense. Or, I would be rushed to buy properties knowing important details or loopholes were overlooked. Then I met Joan. It did not take long for me to realize that Joan truly looks out for her clients’ best interests while understanding their needs. Joan has guided me through the sales and leasing of my various investment properties, both furnished and unfurnished. She has provided invaluable advice and consultation on everything from design to improving my property cash flow. I would not consider using anyone else for any of my real estate transactions. She protects me and my interests more than a desire to get a quick sale. I completely trust Joan’s judgment and her concern for my interests.”