Robert Truitt

Dear Ms. Laguatan, We did it! Or should I say ‘You did it!’ I’m not going to claim that I lucked out finding you to list and sell my REO penthouse in Foster City. I actually conducted a thorough search for a quality professional that understood the real estate market. I wanted someone who was comfortable and experienced listing, selling, and working with buyers successfully. Various people in your area with whom I consulted highly recommended you and confirmed my impression that you were a highly competent professional that really enjoyed her work!

The marketing plan and strategies that you presented in today’s changing world brought me the selling price I wanted. Your expertise and strong communication skills brought an immediate sale, without any haggling. Your screening of buyers was excellent! The paperwork to and from escrow was complete and precise. Your efforts hiring and working with the local eviction and legal services made for a much smoother transaction without my having to fly in from out of town. You saved me a lot of time, money and effort. Your meetings on my behalf with the superior court judge and astute knowledge of foreclosure proceedings really expedited the eviction and sale process so that I could finally realize my return on capital. If I decide to purchase more real estate in the Bay Area – you will be my first choice to either acquire it and/or market it.”